A True Private Lesson Experience

Learning how to dance is an intimate and vulnerable process for most, if not all my couples. I provide a true private lesson experience by conducting all my lessons in a professional dance studio location specifically reserved just for you.

More than just dance steps

Our lessons together is the perfect opportunity to get away from the wedding planning process and enjoy each other’s company. Aside from learning how to dance, I always include additional services such as professional music editing, event program direction and helpful tips that will make for a wonderful first dance experience.

My personal recommendations

Every couple will receive personalized instruction tailored to their desired outcome. The amount of dance lessons you need and how they are scheduled will be determined by your dance vision and the date of your event. Please take a look at my personal recommendations to see what might work for you:

10 Lessons

For couples who want to go all out and surprise their guests with an elaborate routine, this is the appropriate choice for you! This is also an option for those who want to move at a slower pace over a long period of time, or a quicker pace a few weeks before your wedding.

5 Lessons

5 lessons is the most popular choice for couples who want a beautiful and simple dance with an elegant entrance and ending. Give me your song choice and I’ll teach you a dance style that fits, along with tips that will help you look smooth and feel relaxed.

1 Lesson

Although I never recommend just taking one lesson, this option is for couples who are down to the wire. I can give you a crash course on how to maneuver thru this moment so that you can enjoy each other rather than feeling awkward that everyone is watching.

Other Wedding Services

Honor Dances

Father-daughter and mother-son dance lessons are a wonderful way for parents and children to connect with one another before the wedding event. These lesson are typically very emotional and allow families to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Bridal Party Lessons

Lessons are available for the entire wedding party! Please contact me sooner than later if you would like me to create, coordinate and teach your bridal party a fun dance that will be an unforgettable highlight at your reception.