First Wedding Dance


Congratulations on your engagement! Don’t forget about your FIRST WEDDING DANCE! When it comes to planning your wedding, your first dance is one of the most AFFORDABLE wedding investments you can make. Let us help you ensure that this special moment turns out as it should: easy, effortless and enjoyable. From traditional, elegant waltzes, to over the top surprise dances, CM Dance Company will ensure your first dance is the highlight of your big day!

Brian and Christine Dip

Basic Package-5 Lessons

This package is perfect for a beautiful, simple dance with an elegant entrance and ending. Choose your song beforehand, or we can help you figure out the best option if you’re deciding among several songs. Then we’ll show you the dance style that fits it best, plus what you need to look smooth and relaxed.

Mike and Katie 3

Standard Package-10 Lessons

This is the most popular choice for brides and grooms preparing for their first dance. You’ll have time to make a more polished and elegant dance (or glamorous and elaborate if you prefer). If you’d also like to learn a second style of dance (swing or salsa perhaps?), this is your best choice 10 lessons gives you ample time to expand your repertoire of moves and enhance your style, whether you stick to one dance or add another for variety.


Single Private Lesson

(a.k.a. “Emergency” Private Wedding Dance Lesson)

If you’re in a hurry, these can be a lifesaver! 2-3 lessons can relieve quite a bit of last-minute dance stress. Even one lesson will help you feel more confident about dancing in front of the crowd. Don’t be afraid to call if you’re down to the wire. We can work wonders without you feeling like you’ve added too much to your plate.